ANTINOMIANISM Old & New: The Return of Seminex Theology in Light of the Lutheran Confessions

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

                11:00 a.m.           Registration Begins

                1:00 p.m.             Welcome and Introductory Remarks

                1:15 p.m.             “Drums, Saxophones, and Bouncing Balls” — Rev. Dr.                                                   Karl Fabrizius (Pastor: Our Father Lutheran Church,                                                   Greenfield, WI)

                2:30 p.m.             “The Third Use of the Law” — Mr. Nathan Rinne                                                          (Librarian, Adjunct Professor: Concordia University, St.                                              Paul, MN)

                4:00 p.m.             “The Death of the Word of God” — Rev. Paul Strawn                                                    (Pastor: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Spring Lake                                                Park, MN)

Wednesday evening is open for fellowship and relaxation. Please visit the Hospitality Room, sponsored by friends of The CLEF.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

                8:00 a.m.             Breakfast hosted by The Confessional Lutheran                                                          Education Foundation (CLEF) and the Luther Academy

                9:30 a.m.             “Gender Theology and the Splintering of the ELCA” —                                                Rev. Dr. Martin Noland (Pastor: Grace Lutheran Church,                                              San Mateo, CA)

                10:45 a.m.           “Trinity and the Amoral God” — Rev. Dr. David Scaer                                                  (Professor: Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort                                                        Wayne, IN)

                12:00 p.m.           Lunch

                1:30 p.m.             “Gerhard Forde and the Theology of Radical                                                              Lutheranism” — Dr. Jack Kilcrease (Adjunct
                                            Professor of Theology: Institute of Lutheran Theology                                                and Aquinas College)

                3:00 p.m.             “Surviving the Storms” — Dr. David Scaer

                5:00 p.m.             Social Hour

                6:00 p.m.             Thursday Evening Banquet — “Preaching                                                                    Antinomianism” — Rev. Rolf Preus (Pastor: Trinity
                                            Lutheran Church, Sidney, MT; Saint John Lutheran                                                      Church, Fairview, MT)               

Friday, May 10, 2019

                9:00 a.m.             “Lutheran Pastoral Practice: Avoiding Law-Gospel                                                      Reductionism” — Rev. Dr. Brian Saunders
                                            (President, Iowa District East, LCMS)

                10:30 a.m.           “The Atonement: When did Lutherans Start Denying                                                  it?” — Rev. Andrew Preus (Pastor: Saint
                                            Paul Lutheran Church, McGregor, IA; Trinity Lutheran                                                  Church, Guttenberg, IA)

                11:45 a.m.           ACL Meeting


2019 Congress on the Lutheran Confessions​

May 8-10 in Bloomington, MN