2019 Congress on the Lutheran Confessions​

May 8-10 in Bloomington, MN

ANTINOMIANISM Old & New: The Return of Seminex Theology in Light of the Lutheran Confessions

1      The Third Use of the Law 

2      The Negation of the Atonement

3      Gerhard Forde and the Theology of the Radical Lutherans

4      Hermeneutics & Textural Criticism

5      The Death of the Word of God

6      Pastoral Practice Aberrations

7      Preaching Antinomianism

8      Gender Theology and the Splitting of the ELCA

9      Drums, Saxophones & Bouncing Balls

10    Trinity and the Amoral God

​11    Surviving the Storms

This page will be updated as more information regarding speakers and registration becomes available.