2018 Congress on the Lutheran Confessions​

April 18-20 in Bloomington, MN

Room Reservation Update

It was previously posted that room reservations at the Crowne Plaza Aire in Bloomington, MN for the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions (April 18-20) needed to be made by March 27th to get the special group rate. That date has been extended to April 4th. Make your reservations soon!!

What the World Needs Now: Do the Lutheran Confessions Speak to the World Today?

1      What the World Needs Now: Do the Lutheran Confessions Speak to the World Today? 

2      The Lutheran Confessions and American Culture: Can They be Harmonized?

3      Are Confessional Lutherans Pessimistic? or Optimistic?

4      A Distinctively Lutheran Evangelism: Do Luther and the Lutheran Confessions Provide a Theology of Evangelism?

5      Can Confessional Lutheranism Survive in America? How?

6      Is There Such a Thing as Lutheran Worship? What Does it Look Like?

7      Can Mission Strategies Differ? Is There a Distinctively Lutheran Approach to Mission?

8      The Rise of Lutheranism in the Third World

9      Law and Gospel – Lutherans’ Achilles Heel

10    Banquet: How to Destroy Lutheranism