2023 Conference Cancelled 

Due to numerous factors, the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions is going to suspend the 2023 conference, "The Second Luther: Matthias Flacius, and the Continuance of the Lutheran Reformation." Whatever the contributing factors may have been, registrations for the conference have been almost non-existent and we must postpone our "coming out of covid" conference for yet another year.

The Board of Directors, in consultation with our Program Director, will assess the need for a new topic. Flacius has been waiting in the on-deck circle for three years, and may not be the most currently inviting topic for our conversation. The speakers who have graciously prepared their papers and waited with us will be compensated for their papers as they submit them for a conference-in-absentia book later this year.

As soon as plans have been set, publicity for the 2024 Congress will be sent out to facilitate attendees' planning for April 2024.

If you have not yet registered or reserved a room, delay that action until the next Congress information comes to you. If you have already registered (a very few of you), you will be contacted to share with you how to obtain refunds. Room reservations must be cancelled directly with the hotel. All ACL members are asked to pay your memberships for this year to enable us to afford to move forward.

Please know that the Board does not like the cancellation of the Congress, but reality must be acknowledged, and it is not feasible to hold the Congress this year (2023). We look forward to re-engaging in our confessional fellowship face-to-face in April 2024.